Installing L-studio on Windows

The download is a ZIP archive. Decompress it and you will get a folder with a name like L-studio-4.4.0-2400. This main L-studio folder; the numbers are the current version. Extract this folder to your computer.

If you downloaded the ATE version, then L-studio is ready to use! You can start right away by running bin\Lstudio.exe in the L-studio folder.

If you are using the non-ATE version of L-studio, then you first have to set up the correct compiler for use with lpfg:

  • For Visual Studio: Edit the file lpfg\bin\VCVARS32.BAT in the L-studio directory. Change the number in the string VS100COMNTOOLS to reflect your version of Visual Studio: Visual Studio 2010 is version 10.0, so the number 100 stays the same; Visual Studio 2012 is version 11.0, so the string would change to VS110COMNTOOLS; Visual Studio 2008 is version 9.0, so the string would change to VS90COMNTOOLS. This change will let lpfg know where to find the Visual Studio compiler.
  • For MinGW: If you want to use a copy of MinGW installed on your computer, then open the folder lpfg\bin in the L-studio directory. This folder has a subdirectory MinGW; copy the five files in that subdirectory to the lpfg\bin directory. Now you have to make sure the MINGWDIR environment variable is set to the directory of your MinGW installation; if this is done, then lpfg will be able to find the MinGW compiler.
  • For other compilers, see the L-studio manual.

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