Modeling Meristic Characters of Asteracean Flowerheads

Johannes Battjes and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz

According to Weyl (1952), the word symmetry commonly has two different meanĀ­ings. In one sense, symmetry is defined as a group of transformations that map an object into itself. This usage is reflected in expressions such as bilateral or rotational symmetry. In a broader sense, "symmetric means something like well-proportioned, well-balanced, and symmetry denotes that sort of concordance of several parts by which they integrate into a whole. Beauty is bound with symmetry" (Weyl, 1952). We will use the word symmetry in this broader sense.


Johannes Battjes and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. Modeling Meristic Characters of Asteracean Flowerheads. Series in Mathematical Biology and Medicine, vol. 4: Symmetry in Plants, pp. 281-312.

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