Simulating the development of Fraxinus pennsylvanica shoots using L-systems

Mark Hammel and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Department of Computer Science

William Remprey
University of Manitoba

Campbell Davidson
Agriculture Cananda


This paper presents a methodology for creating computer models that capture the development of plants using the formalism of L-systems and incorporating biological data. The modelling process is divided into the following steps:

This paper makes use of a model of shoots of Fraxinus pennsylvanica, also called green ash, to illustrate the presented modelling methodology. It compliments research performed in 1994 as a collaboration between biologists and computer scientists, which resulted in a publication in the Canadian Journal of Botany. In the following sections, a brief introduction to L-systems is given and then the methodology is described in greater detail.


Mark Hammel, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, William Remphrey, and Campbell Davidson. Simulating the development of Fraxinus pennsylvanica shoots using L-systems. In Proceedings of the Sixth Western Computer Graphics Symposium (Banff, Alberta, 20-22 March, 1995), pages 49-58, March 1995.

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