The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants Errata

Nothing ever goes quite as planned. The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants is no exception. There were some unfortunate errors introduced into the manuscript before it was published. Here is a list of all known errata for the book. If you find some other errors in the book (or, heaven forbid, this page), please let me know so that I can add fixes. My address is at the bottom.

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In Figure 1.30 (a), the topmost Fb (first branch on the right) in the 2nd tree structure should be labeled Fa.

p. 43

In Figure 1.34, the last string in the sequence should be:
μ4: C B(1) A(8,7)

pp. 58, 61

In the tropism equation, the torque:

should be:

p. 61

In Figure 2.9, if the α in the diagram (not the equation) is taken to be the angle between H and H′, then it should be represented by sin(α).

p. 73

Production p3 at the top of the page should be:
p′3: A → I [I K0] A

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